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First Class Lunch Menu

A three-course experience that begins with
a glass of champagne, mixed green salad and French rolls, followed by your choice of entree and our chef’s choice dessert.

Airline Chicken

Colorado Redbird airline chicken breast, seasoned and grilled to perfection. Served over garlic mashed potatoes, topped with our bourbon beurre blanc, finished with basil chiffonade and fresh tomatoes. Served with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Pork Osso Bucco

A braised, center-cut pork shank served with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and grilled pepper and onion confetti. Topped with rich Dijon cream sauce and drizzled with our balsamic glaze.

Beef Wellington

Tender Angus beef, seasoned and lightly seared, then wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden. Served over our midnight marsala wine sauce with Portobello mushrooms. Accompanied by roasted Parisian potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetable. Topped with a bell pepper and onion confetti and drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

Vegetable Napoleon

A beautifully layered dish featuring baked eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, portobello mushrooms, oven-roasted yellow tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Served on a bed of quinoa and wild rice, topped with marinara and fried spinach and carrot chips.

Southwest Pesto Salmon

A Cajun-spiced 8 oz salmon filet topped with an oven-roasted tomato pesto. Served over quinoa and rice with asparagus, and grilled pepper and onion confetti on the side, all drizzled with our balsamic glaze.

Chef’s Choice Dessert

A delicious way to end your journey aboard the Royal Gorge Route.

Made from Scratch with Colorado Ingredients

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. For questions about your meal choices and special dietary needs please call the reservations office at 719-276-4000