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Dinner on the evening train

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad's classes of service harken back to a time when travel was an elegant and leisurely affair.
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On a mission

When we set out to run trains through Colorado's Royal Gorge, our vision was to offer more than the traditional tourism experience. We knew we had the scenery and the most amazing section of track in the country - so we set our sights on first-class food and service.

When we launched the train in 1999, no other Colorado train offered first-class dining and service. We're passionate about good food and wine and knew that our guests would appreciate a truly special dining experience aboard the Royal Gorge Route.

From first-class gourmet lunch and dinner to Murder Mystery events, we relish the opportunity to share truly excellent dining with our guests from around the world.

Through frequent travel and an excellent culinary team, we're always seeking out what's new and better in the dining room, and we enhace our offerings every year.

We are equally as passionate about service excellence. Because we're an independent, family owned, Colorado company we can be nimble in the kitchen and with our guests. We can also spend as much time as we feel necessary to train our staff about what a quality experience entails, from a guest's point of view.

It is our sincere wish that you'll ride, dine and unwind with us at the Royal Gorge Route Railroad this year.  Please drop us a line to let us know if we've delivered on our vision for great food and service.



Are we the best?

Through the 13-years we've been running this railroad, we've managed to gather a bunch of "best of" awards for our food, service, and breathtaking scenery.

At the end of the day, these awards are only as good as the day we received them. We set a higher standard for ourselves on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that we're offering each of our guests a consistent standard of excellence in each class of service, whether you’re riding in coach, vista dome, lunch, dinner, or attending one of our special events. We offer an experience unlike any other, one that focuses on excellence in food, service and scenery and we don't need amusement park rides to show you a good time.  Here, it's all about savoring the moment with friends and family in one of the most spectacular locations in Colorado.


We are a private, family owned Colorado company and are proud to have become leaders in the scenic railroad industry. We cherish our work and know how fortunate we are to be stewards of our stunning surroundings.  

When we say “our service, food, and overall experience are second to none,” we mean it. It is challenging running a train consisting of 17-cars, 5-classes of service, and 4-kitchens on a standard gauge train. This is like a moving city, complete with climate control, bathrooms, food & beverage, and a professional train crew. Occasionally we may

miss the high mark we’ve set, or perhaps an air-conditioner decides to take a break on a particularly hot day. Things like these do happen, not often, but are part of life when running a railroad of this magnitude. We are fortunate to be working together with some of the most talented staff one could ask for, who work diligently to keep this railroad running smoothly every day.

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What Others Are Saying

"Our trip aboard the Royal Gorge Route was nothing short of extraordinary! We love riding trains, but this train tops them all. Our food in lunch class was delicious and the service was perfect, not to mention the spectacular scenery. Keep it up!"

Karan Rampart, Dallas TX

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Have you ever attended a Murder Mystery dinner with friends? Was it Jed, the gunslinger? Mary, the shop keeper? Or Sally, the Mayor? Join us for a dinner and murderous tale you won't soon forget! Our Murder Mystery Train is a 6:30PM departure from May 24 - October 25th with our special, final show on Halloween!

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